Counties Split on Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Thursday morning, same-sex couples couldn't get a marriage license in Pulaski County."My staff did have to turn away several couples this morning. Hopefully, they were gracious, and my understanding is the couples were gracious in return and understood the situation," said Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane.By early afternoon the situation had changed. Judge Chris Piazza clarified his earlier ruling and declared the state's ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional. Randy Eddy-McCain of Open Door Community Church said he heard the news from a friend and rushed to the courthouse to prefperformriages."I had a parrisparishionerwas having surgery, and so we had prayer and when he found out that they had lifted the stay or whatever he said go go, and I said I'll check on you when I get through at five," said Eddy-McCain.A handful of couples were issued licenses and married inside the courthouse by 3 p.m., but not every county clerk made the same decision. Clerks in Saline and White Counties did not immediately issue the licenses, waiting for their attorneys and possibly even the supreme court to weigh in on the decision. In the meantime, same-sex couples in those counties will also have to wait."As I read it, they're in violation of the law, and I think there's a hefty fine with that," said Eddy McCain.A little after 4 p.m., the Attorney General filed a petition for an emergency stay of Pizza's decision.