County seeks to rent jail facility to ADC for $1...and 125 inmates

It's no secret the Pulaski County Jail is bursting at the seems, even closing to new arrests, but what you may not know is that for the past three years, a 250-bed work center in Pulaski County hasn't been used.

"The work center that hasn't been funded for several years," said Sheriff Doc Holladay.

The large number of state inmates housed in the county jail has forced the sheriff to close the doors. The state just doesn't have enough room to house its prisoners.

Pulaski County has the room, but not the money to operate more facilities.

So, if necessity is the mother of all invention, desperation may be the father of all deals, because for just a dollar, the county wants to rent its work center to the state, if the Arkansas Department of Correction takes with it 125 state prisoners

"They take half of the inmates, the convicted inmates that they are holding in our jail here, and move them out of our facility," said Holladay.

According to ADC spokeswoman Shea Wilson, the price is right.

"So, we will be working out the details to get those beds open as quickly as possible," said Wilson.

The deal still needs to be approved by the ADC board and director. Existing staff will also need to be moved around to the new facility.

"The goal is to begin opening those beds over the next few weeks as staffing and other details are worked out and approved," said Wilson.

That means in the next few weeks, at least 125 new beds will be open at the work center and the Pulaski County Jail will likely open its doors once again.

"That would go a long way toward getting us back in the position of reopening," said Holladay.

Wilson said the hope is to have the new state run facility up and running by the end of the month.