Court Documents Discuss "Free" Car

Last week when we visited a couple in Brinkley they had no interest in trying to explain how they came into possession of a Pontiac Grand Am.

But court documents are shedding some light on the situation.

LaPasha and Gary Harper didn't want to talk with us last week.

But court records are now telling their side of the story for them.

H.O. Camp will be the first to tell you...he doesn't owe anybody anything.

But the Searcy man will also tell you he's not necessarily a generous guy...just pays his debts and saves the rest.

He says he would certainly never buy somebody a car...despite what his former caregivers would have you believe.

"I know for a fact that they're bad people," says Camp. "They're professional thieves...and they stole from me."

We traveled to Brinkley and before closing their window on us Gary and LaPasha Harper said how their ownership of the car had been settled in court and they had nothing more to say about it.

LaPasha Harper did in fact write out a seven page statement explaining how they acquired a 2003 red Grand Am free of charge from Mr. Camp.

Harper began by explaining how she and her husband couldn't afford a car because they had no income and wondered how they would repay Mr. Camp.

But later Harper stated that if they found a good car at a reasonable price, that he...Mr. Camp...would get it for us.

And also that if Mr. Camp wanted "repayment" or a "work off" for the car, there were more than enough chances for him to mention that.

After getting all the paperwork and title put in her name, Harper states she gave him a big hug and kiss and dropped a few tears because she was so happy.

After our story aired arguments were made that Mr. Camp owed the Harpers money for care giving services and that the car was payment for that debt.

However no mention of that is made in LaPasha's statement to the court.

A state police investigator did review the small claims court case decided in the Harpers favor about a year ago and decided there wasn't enough there to prove any criminal intent.

Air date: January 23rd, 2013