Court hearing to decide fate of dog accused of killing another

In Saline County, a woman claimed her small dog was mauled to death by another dog while out for a walk.

Since the day it happened the dog accused of the attack has been housed at Benton's animal control building.

Channel 7 learned new information Monday that a decision to euthanize the dog or return him to his owner will come soon at a court hearing on February 6.

Cindy Bowden said she was walking in her neighborhood of Benton with her 13-year-old Bichon named Shelby.

"We take a morning walk everyday as we have for ten years," Bowden said.

It would be the last walk the two would take together because less than a hundred yards away from her home, Bowden's beloved dog was attacked and killed.

"She was fighting, I was trying to pull the dog away. (I was) screaming, flailing, trying to pull the dog," she added.

The dog accused of this attack is a Bull Mastiff named Norman. His owner declined to speak on camera, but told us her dog somehow escaped from her fenced in backyard. She added that he never acted violent in the past even around young kids.

Monday Bowden took her issue before the Benton City Council wanting to make sure this doesn't become a continuous problem in the city

"It is our responsibility to take care of them; they depend on us for proper care," Bowden said aloud at the council meeting. "If you can't do that you don't deserve to have an animal."

The City of Benton has ordinances that pertain to labeling dogs vicious, leash laws and tags they all much have.

City members declined to comment on the matter because of its role as a legal matter now.

The Bull Mastiffs owner has been issued four citations for the dog being loose without a leash, the attack and improper vaccinations.