Crossett triplets go home from Arkansas Children's Hospital healthy

The only thing more precious than the ten tiny toes and fingers of a newborn baby - may be the 30 tiny toes and fingers of newborn triplets.

"He told me that there were two and then he went across and said there were three," said Rebekah Cone. "I was in shock. I was laying down which is good."

Rebekah carried her triplets, two boys and a girl, for 32 weeks before her water broke while at home in Crossett. She was taken to Ashley County Medical Center where doctors told her they were the first set of three ever delivered there.

"A little overwhelmed that I got them all here so healthy," said Rebekah.

Matthew, Gracie and Michael were all born weighing over three pounds but still needed care in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit so they were quickly air lifted to Arkansas Children's Hospital where their nurse Cydne Morgan-Lee took over their care.

"You stay busy so it's an every three or two to three hour schedule but it's definitely been fun. It's something I will remember," she said.

The babies had jaundice and some minor feeding issues but overall were one of the healthiest sets of triplets to come through Children's Hospital.

"We've had a couple of sets of multiples as far as triplets go and this is probably the quickest that we've sent them all home in shut a short span."

After three weeks at ACH they were discharged and now begin life at home in Crossett where they'll be using those tiny hands to fight for attention.

"I think that their life is about to get very chaotic so I think they'll do really good though," said Morgan-Lee.

"It's going to be very hectic at first but I think it's going to be pretty amazing," said Rebekah.