A Little Rock woman fears if her vehicle hasn't been crushed will be soon. And it seems there is nothing she can do about it.

Cassandra Grider says she feels more helpless than ever as she fights to get her minivan back.

After visiting with several scrap yards, it appears it doesn't take much to walk in and junk a car for cash.

Somewhere up the hill past the ABC Salvage sign, a 2000 Ford Windstar minivan is waiting to be crushed.

"He told me the only way I would get my van back is bring him $600 and show him proof that it was my van," recalls Grider. "And he was real nasty with me...and said that's the only way you're gonna get it. And if you don't have it by Tuesday he was gonna crush it." in today (December 10th).

Grider says that during a two month hospitalization her minivan was stolen out of her front yard.

She still has the keys to it. One of the disable license plates. Personal property assessments and registration papers.

She reported it stolen on October 27th.

Grider says she can't find the title...but she certainly has more proof of ownership than whoever brought the van in and sold it to ABC Salvage. (The seller produced a photo ID and signed an affidavit assuring he owned the vehicle).

ABC Salvage Owner Danny Harris says he has done nothing wrong, and says Ms. Grider can have her minivan back. For $600.

Otherwise he says he will crush it with the blessing of the Little Rock police department. (Harris says LR Detective Timothy Pope told him he can do what he wants with the vehicle).

"I will be out a vehicle," laments Grider. "I think he should be prosecuted. Because it wasn't his van to be crushing. That was my personal property and I wanted my van. That's my property. And I can't help it that he bought a stolen van. That's not my fault."

Grider says Little Rock police have proved to be little help to her.

Mr. Harris refused to reveal to us who sold him the minivan.

Air date: December 10th, 2013