Crystal Bridges museum to unveil Rothko painting

Mark Rothko's 'No. 210/No. 211 (Orange)'

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) - Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art will unveil its newly acquired Mark Rothko painting this weekend.

Rothko's No. 210/No. 211 (Orange) will be shown to museum members on Friday and unveiled to the public Saturday. The Bentonville museum announced its acquisition last month of the artwork by the abstract expressionist painter.

Rothko painted No. 210/No. 211 (Orange) in 1960. It features large rectangles of rich color and has only been exhibited twice in public.

Crystal Bridges acquired the painting from a private collection. The museum did not disclose the price.

The Rothko painting will be featured in Crystal Bridges' temporary exhibition called "See the Light: The Luminist Tradition in American Art." The painting will be moved to the museum's permanent collection once the exhibition closes Jan. 28.

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