Curtsinger in Court

CONWAY (KATV) - For the third time in a month... a man accused of being a mobile home thief has his day in court. And for the third time in a month, Jason Curtsinger says he is not guilty of the charges he faces. Curtsinger faces felony theft of property charges in Grant County, Lonoke County, and Faulkner County...where he had his first appearance Monday. Curtsiniger was due at the new Faulkner County courts building at 9:00 am. But he didn't show. An arrest warrant was requested. "I wouldn't say it is common but when it happens the court issues a failure to appear and when they are caught...they are detained and held," said prosecutor Cody Hiland. First Arkansas Bail Bonds got a hold of Curtsinger, who said he didn't show because of a paperwork error. Curtsinger was told to be there for the afternoon court session. Prosecutors say Curtsinger stole a mobile home from Conway, sold it and delivered it to Peggie Ann Spires in Lonoke County...a scheme that Spires says has cost her over $4,000.00. "What about Ms. Spires. Do you have anything to say to Peggie Ann Spires?" "No," answered Curtsinger. "Do you have her money?" "I will when I sell some stuff," replied Curtsinger. "I need to talk to my lawyer...the public defender first and then..." "I'm not asking about your case. I'm asking about your situation personally." "I have no idea," said Curtsinger. "Well you have to have an idea. It's your life. What went wrong. I mean I saw your house. You had a great happened?" "I don't know," answered Curtsinger. "Everything went backwards. But I need to talk to the lawyer before I make any statements." "OK." "Appreciate it," Curtsinger said as he walked to his banged up SUV. Curtsinger hurt his neck in a traffic accident last month. He was assigned a public defender, entered a plea of not guilty and his next court date in Conway will be July 7th. He has court dates in two other counties before that. Air date: June 2nd, 2014