Dancing sisters getting national attention

There are a lot of dancers Arkansas who travel the country participating in competitions and many of them do very well. But very few dancing duos get to do that with their best friend who just happens to be their sister.

Ali McCellan, 12, and Mary Margaret McClellan, 9, are taking the national competition scene by storm.

"Mary Margaret was petite Miss Masquerade. She basically won the entire competition for the petites," said dance teacher Kristen Pittman. "And then Ali was named dancer of the year, junior dancer of the year. Which means of all the dancers of all the masquerade competitions ages 12 and under, she was crowned the dancer of the year," said

Dance teacher Kristen Pittman is talking about just one of many dance competitions where the duo has taken home top honors.

"Not only have they been blessed with a lot of talent but they have work ethic like I've never seen before," said Pittman.

The young but committed dancers take classes six days a week, three to five a hours a night at Rock City Dance Center in Little Rock.

"When I dance I feel free and everything else just goes away. Feels like you're in a total different world," said Ali.

"It makes me feel really good because you just show everybody what you're made of and I just love it," said Mary Margaret.

Like any siblings, they have their moments.

"Sometimes we fight but I love her to death," said Ali.

But for the most part there's nothing better than sharing a passion with the person they spend the most of their time with.

"It's really fun because she always helps me. Like when I'm not really sure, just kind of in a tough moment she always helps me get through it," said Mary Margaret.

Sharing her own passion of dance to the next generation is equally satisfying for their teacher.

"Dance is a passion it's what we love to do. We live it, we breath it. And when you're able to cultivate that in young students it's the most rewarding gift in the whole entire world," said Pittman.