Danger of TV falling and injuring kids grows

Going from an analog, tube television to a digital flat-screen is like ushering a new viewing era into your home. But with new technologies come new dangers.

In the hurry to get that new viewing experience underway, it seems some men are skipping a critical step and putting young children at risk.

The numbers show that once every hour, a child somewhere ends up at hospital after a television or other household item falls on them.

"The more common injuries we're seeing are bruises, lacerations and that sort of thing but there are more serious injuries such as broken bones, tibias, concussions and unfortunately there have been some deaths that have occurred from these big, really heavy TVs falling on a kid," said Reid Parnell, a Home Safety Project Analyst.

Large TVs, bookcases and other top-heavy items need to be bracketed, mounted, strapped or in some other way secured.

"A lot of these injuries we're seeing are preventable," said Parnell. "It's just watching the kids or making sure that you're taking all the necessary steps to keep these things from happening."

The organization "Safe Kids" has some helpful tips and sobering numbers available online. Click here to learn more.

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