Dashcam video released of fatal Ark. officer shooting

Jerry Lard

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The dashcam video is available above if you wish to watch it (Click here if you don't see it). Please note that there were multiple police cruisers at the scene, each equipped with a dashboard camera. One of those cameras clearly captured the image of Officer Schmidt's shooting but, out of respect for his family, KATV has chosen to edit the video to switch between camera angles so that his shooting is not directly visible.

TRUMANN (KATV) - An Arkansas police officer fatally shot during a traffic stop last year can be heard pleading with his killer to not shoot him again in a dashboard camera recording released by state prosecutors.

The recording was released Tuesday by District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington. It graphically shows the April 2011 shooting death of Trumann Police Officer Jonathan Schmidt.

Jerry Lard was convicted of capital murder in the case last month and was sentenced to death. It took the jury a mere 15 minutes to return the verdict. During the trial, the defense said it wasn't a question if Lard shot Schmidt, only if the charge should be capital murder.

Schmidt had a wife and three children.

KATV's Jeannette Reyes will have more on how police plan to use this tragedy for good tonight on Channel 7 News Nightside.