Dawna Natzke's Family Rallies to Help Children and Solve Case

The family of the Hot Springs Village police dispatcher, Dawna Natzke, 46 is now rallying to try and find the killer and help her children.

Currently, the Garland County Sheriff's officer said they have a person of interest, but have not made an arrest.

It's been more than a month since Natzke disappeared. Investigators say her body was found in a pond miles from where her car was burnt in the Ouachita National Forest.

Time does not erase memories for her sister, Vicki Hegyi.

"She was a jokester she would always love to jump out at you and scare you and I guess she was doing that with her own boys too," said Hegyi.

She recalled their final phone call together.

"My last conversation with Dawna was that she was happy and she was moving on (from her pending divorce)," said Hegyi. She continued, "That's all I needed to hear is that she was happy and then I get this phone call from my mom that she was missing and then the rest is history, still unfolding."

She broke down when she described her nephews' strength during the loss of their mother.

"They're remarkable, they are absolutely remarkable, and they've been a power of strength for anybody that knows them," said Hegyi.

Now, Natzke's niece, Alicia Garett, is selling bracelets to honor, bring awareness to the case, and help Dawna's children.

"She calls it "My mom, I need money fund" so that for whatever reason the boys have, she will send them the money to use for whatever they need just like if they would go to their mom," said Hegyi.

Hegyi said they're also having more fundraisers for Dawna's children in Hot Springs and Indiana where Natzke's sisters live.

Natzke was a Hot Springs Village dispatcher, who was reported missing December 23rd. Police say her body was found New Year's eve in a bond along a dirt road. No cause of death has been released in the case.

Fundraiser Information:

Dawna Smith Natzke Memorial Fundraiser, March 3, 2012, and Knights of Columbus Hall in Griffith, Indiana.

Dawna Smith Natzke Memorial Fund

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9770 Wicker Avenue

St. John, IN 46373

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