Day 2 of jury selection in Josh Hastings manslaughter trial

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Day two of jury selection in Josh Hastings' second manslaughter trial for the shooting death of Bobby Moore III is in the books.

After Monday, 34 potential jurors were left. They, along with 76 new potential jurors reported to court Tuesday morning. Attorneys or Judge Wendell Griffin dismissed 42 by the first recess of the day - most because they couldn't commit for up to three weeks, which is how much time Judge Griffen set aside for the trial. Griffen said, though, he does not expect the trial to actually take that long.

Only nine of the 34 remaining new potential jurors said they had neither heard nor read anything about the case in the media. By the lunch recess, there were just 59 total potential jurors left, and 29 still needed to be interviewed about what they had heard about the case before coming to court.

"The judge is up there doing most of the questioning, but what we want to know is even if they've heard something, can they set it aside and can they be fair? And base any decision, based on what happens in the courtroom and not what they think they've heard on the news or anywhere else," explained Hastings' attorney Bill James.

The prosecuting attorney's office is not allowed to comment on the case while the trial is going on. The defense team said that even though they aren't yet in the heart of the trial, it can still be taxing on everyone involved.

"It goes without saying it's on your mind all the time," said James, "especially when you get in the middle of a trial - it's a 24-hour deal. You leave here, you go back to work, you deal with what you have to deal with. You try to go home, spend some time with the family. You get up early in the morning, go back to work and start on it again. It's non-stop."

By the time Judge Griffen recessed the court for the day, the jury pool was down to less than 60. Another wave of fresh jurors are on hold for Thursday if they are needed to get a full 12 person jury plus two alternates.

Hastings' first trial ended in a mistrial when the jury could not reach a verdict after three days of deliberation.

KATV's Justin Lewis will be inside the courtroom again on Wednesday. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinLewisKATV for live updates all day.

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