Day 3 of manhunt continues for escaped murderer

PINE BLUFF (KATV)--More than 72 hours after Timothy Buffington, 47, escaped from the Pine Bluff unit, he is still on the loose. As police continue to search for him, new details are emerging on how Buffington escaped.

Several homes were searched Tuesday with K-9 units and officers with their guns drawn, although nothing came of those searches.

Buffington has changed from his white prison uniform to camouflage clothing with a hat, and police say he is armed with a loaded shotgun.

Surveillance footage from a home on Princeton Pike just a few miles down from the state prison Pine Bluff unit shows Buffington. According to police, at around 7:20 Saturday evening, escaped inmate Buffington is seen in this footage knocking, he clearly has a shotgun, he comes back a few times to knock then leaves. And police still believe he is in the Pine Bluff area.

"We don't have anything right now that's taken him away from this area, he's been seen in this area from Saturday evening, there have been other reports of people saying he attempted to knock on their door," said Shea Wilson, Arkansas Department of Corrections spokeswoman.

As the search continues, ADC officers and state police entered a home on Shannon Road, after they saw a window had been broke, nothing came of the search. Another home on Princeton Pike was also searched with guns drawn. Again, nothing.

"We started from the Grant County line and began working out way back and just going, knocking on doors and making sure that we make contact with everyone there, make sure that no one was in duress, that everyone was accounted for," Wilson added.

Wilson says Buffington was working on Deputy Director Grant Harris's home, performing yard work and janitorial duties. It's also where his daughter was at the time.

"He entered a home and managed to kick in a safe room door and obtain a shotgun in the process he attempted to take a woman to try and drive him off the compound, she did manage to escape and come to the Randall L. Williams Correctional Facility," said Wilson.

Wilson confirms Buffington loaded the shotgun he took from the safe room, but as far as ADC knows, he did not take any extra bullets.

Again, if you see Buffington you're urged to stay away and dial 911 immediately.