Day 5 of manhunt continues for escaped murderer, new tools being used

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - New tools being used in the search for a prison escapee may bring authorities one step closer to capturing him. Timothy Buffington, 47, escaped from the Pine Bluff unit on Saturday night.

Four-wheelers are the newest tools that authorities are using, which they say is essential to get through parts of the forest they haven't been able to reach on foot, horseback or by car.

Nearly one week after Buffington escaped the Pine Bluff prison unit, still no real sign or leads of his whereabouts. However, authorities say what they do believe is that he is still in the Princeton Pike area.

"Not ruling out the possibility that he's just living in the woods, that's why we're searching those areas, because it's very possible that he could come up to a house at night and get water from someone's water hose and basically forage in their garden," said Shea Wilson, Arkansas Department of Corrections Spokesperson.

Besides K-9 units and horseback, on Thursday authorities began using four-wheelers in hopes of reaching tougher terrain where Buffington could be hiding.

"We have officers on ATVs, just trying to go deeper in these wooded areas, if he is out here were hoping to flush him out, or find some sign of him," said Wilson. "There are some areas we have not been able to get into because of travel, so we're not out in the woods going down all of these trails."

Another bonus to using these ATVs, is the deeper they go; they say they hope to see footprints especially with the rain we've recently had.

Something else to keep in mind, since Buffington has been out for a while, he probably has grown some facial hair and could be sun burned or have a tanner complexion.

You're urged to dial 911 if you see Buffington.