Update: Video of day care worker accused of dragging infant across carpet

Update:{}{}Police release video{}of day care worker{}dragging infant across carpet

BRYANT (KATV)--A Bryant day care employee is arrested; accused of dragging an 8-month-old infant across the carpet.

The owner said, 20-year-old Keyuanna Coats was caught on camera at the Wisdom Tree Learning Academy.

Arteja Stamps told Channel 7 she was sick to her stomach after reviewing the footage and watching Coats dragging the infant. She said, she immediately notified authorities and handed over the tape.

Coats was arrested at Wisdom Tree when she showed up for her shift, she is charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

"A child was pulled by the leg which in return made him get carpet burn, which is not ok, it's just not ok. That's why I have cameras, that's what they're recorded," said Stamps.

The child's mother had contacted Stamps Monday night after she picked up her child and noticed the carpet burns. This prompted Stamps to review security cameras and contact the mal-treatment hotline, DHS and Bryant Police.

"I went numb, I didn't believe what I was seeing, there's just no way this is happening in my facility, three years of being open and that never happened not once," said Stamps. "Why is a child hurt at my facility and why is it at one of my employee's hands?" she adds.

Heidi Freeman drops her two kids off at Wisdom Tree every day, she said after trying five different day cares in the Bryant area, she thought and still thinks Wisdom is the best.

"I just felt bad whenever I heard about the situation because everyone is so friendly, loving and caring and I don't have a second thought about putting my children in Wisdom Tree Learning Academy," said Freeman.

Stamps said, all employees go through background, mal-treatment and FBI checks and Coats cleared all three.

Coats admitted to police that she dragged the child across the carpet{} because he kept trying to get in to where cleaning supplies are kept.

Her bond has been set at $2,500.