UPDATE: Jury hung in Hastings case; mistrial declared

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A mistrial was declared for the second time in Josh Hastings' manslaughter trial for the death of Bobby Moore, III.

The jury of 12 deliberated for more than 12 hours total, but could not reach a verdict. Prosecutors do plan to re-try Hastings for a third time. Jury selection is set to start May 5, 2014.

It took seven days for a jury to be seated and sworn in for the Hastings retrial, but only one and a half days for statements, testimony and closing arguments to take place.

The prosecution called 10 witnesses to start off the trial on Tuesday. However, the trial took a surprising twist on Wednesday when the defense opted not to call a single witness. In the first trial, they called six, including Hastings himself.

Prosecutor John Johnson told the jury during closing arguments that Hastings acted recklessly in killing 15-year-old Bobby Moore in August 2012.

"Bobby Moore is never going to wake up. Josh Hastings will," Johnson said to the jury.

Johnson continued saying that it doesn't matter if the car Moore was driving was going towards Hastings or away from him - a fact that has been a controversial topic during both trials.

Defense attorney Bill James said the way Hastings acted while on duty as an officer that morning is what any reasonable person would have done.

The jury had three options for verdicts: guilty of manslaughter, guilty of negligent homicide or not guilty on all counts.

Of the 12 jury members, there were five white females, two black females and five white males. The two alternates on the jury were a white male and non-white male.

Jury deliberations in the previous trial took three days before the jury came back and hung, providing a mistrial.

Channel Seven's Justin Lewis enters his ninth day of covering this trial and he will provide continuous updates through Twitter: @JustinLewisKATV

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