Daycare workers not mandated to be immunized

Your kids legally have to get certain vaccinations their caregivers at daycare don't.

The Arkansas Pharmacist Association is concerned that daycare employees could be giving illnesses to the kids they care for. That's why they offered free immunizations to employees at St. James Learning Center in Little Rock Tuesday afternoon.

Caretakers were given the options to get the flu shot and a three-part shot that covers tetanus, whooping couch and diphtheria.

"If you are not vaccinated and do get the flu, you're going to miss 7 to ten days typically from your work or from your teaching or from your daycare." said Ray Turnage with Market Place Pharmacy. "So they're short handed and their parents may not be able to leave their kids or whatever if that happens."

"It is very important because is this staff is not well then we can't provide quality care for our children," said school director, Ora Bunton. "So it's very important."

Turnage says this issue has been discussed several times by the state legislature but there are still no regulations regarding vaccinations for daycare workers which he says is putting our kids at risk.