Woman dies in hospital waiting room

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - An asthma attack leads to the death of a Pine Bluff woman, but her family believes hospital employees played a role as well.

Asthma kills nine Americans every day.

On Sunday, 26 year-old Charlesetta Brown became a member of that sobering statistic.

Her family says it shouldn't have happened.

Family members and text messages from the deceased herself help tell the story of a dying woman's final hours waiting for care in a hospital.

Seven month-old Paris Londyn Brown never spent a day without her motheruntil this week.

"She was always there with her and as of right now you can tell she is looking for her mother," says Charles Anderson, Charlesetta's step-father.

"Wellshe reminds me a lot of her mother," Charles Brown Sr. says while holding baby Paris. "Sweetalways smiling."

But Charlesetta Brown wasn't smiling Sunday afternoon.

She was dealing with an asthma attack.

"It always flares up on her," says Anderson. "And, you know, I meanmaybe about once a year or something, you know. It alwaysshe always had a flare up and she would go out to the hospital and get a breathing treatment and a shot and then she would be fine."

Anderson dropped off his step-daughter at Jefferson Regional Medical Center's ER and waited for the call to come back and get her.

About an hour later Charlesetta texts her mother: "They ain't called a name since I been here."

Her mom asks: "You still in the front?"

She replies: "Yea. She say 30 minutes."

To which Charlesetta's mom texts back: "Do I need to come out there?"

"No," she replies.

But mom, still concerned, texts: "Are you alright?"

There is no reply.

Over an hour later mom tries again: "Are you still in the front?"

The last text Charlesetta would send reads "No. No assistance yet."

Charlesetta Brown would be declared dead an hour later.

Hospital paperwork cites the cause of death as "Asthma exacerbation, pulmonary embolism."

"If you got relatives going out there to the hospital or any hospital make sure somebody be with them so the doctors and the nurses and everybody involved do their part," says a tearful Anderson.

Jefferson Regional Medical Center emailed us a statement about this situation, saying it can't comment on but is investigating what happened, and adding that "We are deeply saddened and extend our condolences to the family and loved ones."

To read the full statement, click here.

Air date: February 7th, 2013