Deer processors seeing an increase in business

Deer processing plants are seeing an unusually high amount of customers this year, some are even backed up. Owner says it is has been a pretty good year for her and her customers.

"We've got people saying they're seeing more deer than they've ever seen," said Traci Berry, owner of The Buck Stops Here.

For eighteen years Berry has been processing deer meat but she says it is rare to see a season like this one. Her numbers have skyrocketed.

"We're well over a hundred up and this is just muzzle loader," said Berry.

Although Berry is handling the extra business just fine she did need to make some adjustments.

"Normally David and I can handle it by ourselves for muzzle loaders this year I've got you know three, four about four guys," said Berry.

It is also been different for hunters. They have been pleasantly surprised this year.

"It's been fast I mean an hour and{}forty five{}minutes and I had a deer," said David Wright, a hunter. "It feels good. There's no pressure now," said Wright.

The simpler explanation for all of it is opening day being pushed up two weeks but employee David Kertz says there may be another less obvious reason.

"I think it's high price of groceries lot of more hunters getting out there," said Kertz.

Whatever the reason is behind the spike, meat processors could not be happier.

"We love it, we love it," said Berry.

Berry says she does not expect to get much of a break since gun season is right around the corner but with these past few weeks she says she is more than prepared.