Department of Corrections: Buffington not terminally ill.

Shea Wilson of the Arkansas Department of Corrections told KATV that Buffington did not have any type of terminal illness.

She also said they do not have any confirmed sightings of Buffington outside of the surveillance footage taken from his escape last weekend.

There were multiple reports saying Buffington had been spotted in Mississippi.

Saturday was another day for authorities to use ATVs, Bloodhounds, and knock on doors to look for the 47-year-old convicted murder who escaped from jail a week ago.

The main search area is still in the 20 to 25 mile radius of Jefferson and Grant county.

Late Friday night and early Saturday morning residents in the Princeton Pike area of Pine Bluff reported suspicious activity, but the only confirmed sighting so far has been the surveillance footage taken after his escape.

Shea Wilson of the Arkansas Department of Corrections says Buffington never had a disciplinary record while in prison, nor was he terminally ill.

Wilson also mentioned she was unaware of any mental illness.

Buffington had been in prison since 1999 and had served 16 of his 20 year sentence.

During those years Buffington was allowed to do yard work on the prison grounds.