UPDATE: Family dispute turns into deadly shooting

A dispute between family members turns into a deadly shooting in Pulaski County Saturday night.

Deputies were called to Charlene Lane around 9:30 pm.

Other members of the family are still trying to figure out what led one man to kill another within the family.

Deputies reported that 34-year-old Edward Charles Lee shot his wife's cousin, Antonio Davis, multiple times ultimately killing the 22-year-old from Marianna, Ark.

"He was tilted over like this like he was fallen, and I saw a bullet here," said Davis' aunt, Guiwonna Wilson.

Wilson showed us her front porch where they found Davis on his stomach following a series of gunshots..

"He wasn't trying to fight or nothing, he was just asking 'why it has to be like that,' the next thing I know he was shot five times," said Davis' cousin Kambria Charles.

Charles was standing outside when the man was shot by the accused Lee.

Family told us Lee was never violent in the past, but believe alcohol led to the incident starting with Lee firing gun shots into the air.

"Well the fact that they're both family members it was surprising that it just happened like that," Charles added.

The entire family lives down the short street in Pulaski County, and Sunday remained a quiet time for many of them just trying to get a grasp on the sudden murder.

"As he was going to the ground he said 'Why's it gotta be like this?' Then he was out," Charles said.

Family told KATV that Davis was just visiting for the weekend and was set to get a ride back to Marianna Sunday.

Lee remains in the Pulaski County Jail facing a first-degree murder charge. No bond has been set.

Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man for reportedly murdering his neighbor Saturday night.

According the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department, deputies were called to the 14000 block of Charlene Lane around 9:30.

The say 33-year old Edward Lee shot 22-year old Antonio Davis several times in the chest.

Davis was transported to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Deputies say the two were neighbors and have a history of previous disputes.