Update: Carjacking, kidnapped child found safe

By Katherina-Marie Yancy

(KATV) Little Rock - An emotional reunion as a father and his 5-year old son are back together after a carjacking that turned into a kidnapping.

The SUV was taken from the shell gas station off I-30 and Roosevelt shortly after 3:30 Friday afternoon.

It was hot day, the dad left the car running for his 5-year old while he went in and paid for gas. Only to turn around and watch someone drive off with his SUV and his child inside, but KATV is glad to report that within an hour there was a much anticipated reunion.

Oblivious to the panic caused surrounding his disappearance; the 5-year old boy was in good spirits with officers at a gas station off I-530 and Dixon Road.

Just one hour earlier at 3:30 he was sitting in the back seat of his dad's 2003 Blue Tahoe at the Shell station off I-30 on Roosevelt.

His dad walked away from the running car to pay for gas not thinking someone would see it as an opportunity.

Lt. Terry Hastings with the Little Rock Police Department says, "We believe the individual probably was just looking to steal a car and didn't realize that the child was in the back so he may have parked it already and abandoned it."

All Little Rock Police remained on the look out for the thief upgraded to kidnapper, not knowing if he was armed. As authorities were getting ready to issue an Amber Alert, the call came in. A boy was found wandering around a Shell station about 5-miles from where he was abducted.

He was taken into the gas station off Dixon Road and kept entertained until police arrived.

"We don't have a good description of the person who jumped in the car. Detectives are working on that right now," Lt. Hastings says.

Behind closed doors the family was reunited, the suspect and the car have not been found. Lt. Hastings adds, "There's a lot of blue Tahoes out here so we'll be stopping just about everyone we see to make sure that's not it."

No word if the dad could face charges because it is illegal according to state law to leave your car running, unattended.

If you have information that can help police call 9-1-1 or 501-371-INFO.