DHS revokes Bryant daycare license after 8-month old infant dragged across carpet

BRYANT (KATV)--A Bryant daycare owner has her license revoked after one of her employees allegedly dragged an 8-month old infant across the carpet. We first reported this story back in February when surveillance video showed the employee dragging the infant by the leg. Shortly after this incident, the Department of Human Services investigated further and revoked the owner's license closing the Wisdom Tree Learning Academy's doors for good. Coats is facing one count of endangering the welfare of a minor and it was this footage, among other factors that led DHS to shut this daycare down. "There were some issues with background checks being completed, and some hiring of employees that had issues in the past that the owner knew about," said Kate Luck, DHS. It was in February when daycare owner Arteja Stamps spoke with Channel 7 saying she performed every background check she could on all her employees and that all of them were cleared. However, after the footage came out, DHS ordered an emergency revocation of Stamps' daycare license. The document cited several incidents, including one where Stamps "re-hired a staff member that you had previously terminated due to harsh treatment of children at your facility". It also cited a different incident which this time involved Coats, stating Stamps knew that Coats was facing a pending charge of battery; and that she also knew the battery charge resulted in a misdemeanor battery and failed to notify DHS. "This video, when you have evidence like that and you really look into the situation, and see things that weren't done the way they should have, there's no way that we could ignore that," added Luck. Channel 7 spoke with Stamps, she couldn't go on camera because of a pending lawsuit in a separate case. However, she did say she has no plans of getting back into childcare and apologizes for letting parents down. By state law, Stamps' license was revoked for one year, after that she can re-apply for a daycare license. Since the Wisdom Tree has closed, a new daycare has moved into the same location off Highway 5 in Bryant, however, it's still not ready to be opened.