With Griffin out, the floodgates open in District 2

Last week, Representative Tim Griffin made the surprising announcement that he would not seek re-election to a third term in the U.S. House of Representatives. That decision has made the race in District Two one to watch in Arkansas. Eight days after Griffin's bombshell, there are already four candidates vying for the Congressman's seat.

First in, Democrat and long-time Mayor of North Little Rock Patrick Hays. Hays made his announcement a day after Griffin's. Today, one week after Mayor Hays's announcement, three Republicans are throwing their names into the hat. Little Rock businessman French Hill, Col. Conrad Reynolds of Conway, and State Representative Ann Clemmer of Benton who will formally make her announcement tomorrow.

It seems overnight, a safe district for Rep. Griffin has turned into a very interesting race. It may not get the attention that the Pryor-Cotton showdown will receive, but I'm certainly interested to see how this race, with its strong candidates, plays out over the next several months. And, who knows, it's only been eight days...maybe more announcements are coming our way.

-Janelle Lilley