Disturbing trend: Burglars break into home while widow attends funeral

FAULKNER COUNTY (KATV) - A Faulkner County widow loses more than just her husband after burglars break into her home while she attends his funeral.

The Conway woman is the latest victim in what authorities believe is a growing and disturbing trend, burglars targeting the unattended homes of families in mourning.

Debra Storment says she wants to get the word out and let others know that your grieving family could be the next victim by simply posting an obituary in the local newspaper.

Last Friday she suddenly lost her husband of 34 years. While she was at his funeral Wednesday afternoon her home was burglarized. Storment says when she got home she noticed her back door window pane was shattered. She walked through her home to find the suspects rummaged through her closet, throwing her belongings all over the floor.

In the long list of things these suspects got away with, Storment says they stole $400 from a box she kept near her closet and two jewelry boxes with valuable collectables were also taken. It's a difficult experience Storment says she hopes no other family goes through, especially after losing a loved one.

"To make sure people know and not leave their home unattended when they've lost someone," said Storment. "I've never ever felt scared in this home I've always felt safe. All of a sudden, I feel scared."

This is the third victim in this kind of burglary. Authorities can't confirm if all of these incidents are related.

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