Diver Sea Scallops, 5/29/12

Chef Bonner Cameron

Ya Ya's Euro Bistro


3 each U-10 dry scallops ( fresh market, or central market )

1/2 cup daffron orzo pasta cooked

1/4 cup jullienne leeks

1/4 cup oven roasted tomatoes wedges

1/4 cup asparagus

1 oz lump crabmeat

1oz chopped parsley

1oz chopped chives

1oz lemon butter

1oz orange gastrique

Salt & pepper to taste


1.Season Scallops with Salt and Pepper

2. Sear Scallops In a Hot Pan with Olive Oil


3. In a second pan saute leeks, tomatoes, and asparagus for 2 minutes

4.Add crabmeat and fresh herbs saute for 1 minute season with salt and pepper

5.Plate and top scallops with lemon butter, and orange gastrique