DIY Creamy Grapefruit Facial Cleanser & Cooling Cucumber Mask

By Dee Dee Helbig

Ava Bella Day Spa


Creamy grapefruit facialcleanser

1/4 cup of whole milk

1 t. of grapefruit

1 t. of baking soda

Mix together allingredients. This is a cleanser for your skin. Use with a cotton ball or fingertips. Rinse after use.


Why this cleanser works?The grapefruit helps to fight the free radicals that cause lines, wrinkles, andpigmentation. Besides the benefits of lactic acid- milk also soothes andnourishes irritated skin. Baking soda adds that extra exfoliation.


This is safe to use onall skin types.



Cooling cucumber mask


1/2 cup pureed cucumber

1 T yogurt

1 T. honey

Mix all ingredientstogether. Apply to face and neck.{} leave on for 5 minutes.

Why this mask is so goodfor the skin?

A cucumber hydrates, softens, relaxes the skin. {}The yogurt has lacticacid in for extra exfoliation- without harming the skin. Plus the creamyconsistency also soothes the skin.{} Honey attracts and keeps moisture inyour skin.