Doctors: Team effort at home is key in treating diabetes

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Studies show that one of the best predictors of how well someone will take care of their diabetes is the amount of support they get from friends and family.

Bobby and Mary Givens are married - and both have Type II diabetes.

"Always make our appointment together and we always go in the same room together," said Mary.

Their diagnosis, unlike others, was unexpected.

"I really didn't have [any] symptoms," said Bobby. "I went to the doctor and he found it."

They work together to live a healthier lifestyle and hold each other accountable from cooking healthy food to never missing medicine. Doctors say it's that kind of teamwork and family support in any household that gives patients a better chance of achieving glycemic control, which is key with any diabetes patient.

"It does help," said Dr. Daryl Burrows of St. Vincent. "They tend to do better a lot of times if they see what the other person is going through."

Doctors always say it's beneficial when family members are trained about diabetes because that knowledge will lend a hand of support to the diabetic by recognizing symptoms and knowing how to take action.

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