Sealed documents from Clinton presidency being released

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)-At least 33,000 documents from the Bill Clinton presidency, including communications from First Lady Hillary Clinton will be released over a two-week period beginning Friday at 1 p.m. The documents have been sealed for 13 years.

Hard copies of the first set of documents, which will total 4,000-5,000 pages, will be made available at the Clinton Library and online.

The documents from the 42nd president's time in office have been sealed under the Presidential Records Act, which allow an administration to seal certain documents for up to 12 years after a presidency has ended. That time limit expired in Jan. 2013.

Clinton's office told Channel 7 News that within an hour on being informed that Pres. Obama signed off on the release of the documents, Clinton's office notified the National Archives that he had no objection to the release.

Clinton's office also said they did not do anything to delay or block the release of the documents. Questions surfaced earlier this week in the press as to why the documents were still sealed even though the 12 years had expired.


Channel 7's Elicia Dover will have more at 5 and 6.