Dog wouldn't leave deceased owner's side


OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KOCO) - A companion stays loyal until end. The dog who refused to leave his owner's side after he died is showing strong signs of grief.

Oklahoma City police say they found the body of a homeless man by the Canadian River, and the man's dog refused to leave his side.

It was close to 100 degrees that day, and even though the river was just a few feet away, the man's loyal bull terrier refused to leave even to get a drink.

The bull terrier has been at the Oklahoma City animal shelter shaking in his cage and depressed.

Those taking care of the dog now say the owner took very good care of him and must have loved him very much.

It shows the dog's personality because he definitely likes people.

But the only time he perks up is when he sees his leash. The caretakers say that is because the leash is the one thing that still smells like his owner.

Family members of the deceased man have until Wednesday to claim the dog. If no one claims him, the animal refuge center will take the dog out of the shelter and place him into a foster home until a permanent family can be found.

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