Update: Dogs kill five farm animals at LR Zoo

(KATV) Little Rock - The dogs showed up at the zoo one day after the attack.

A Little Rock Zoo spokesperson says the two dogs were not ableto get in this time.

A Little Rock Animal Control services employee arrived in timeto see the animals, but couldn't catch them.

They believe one dog is a brown and white shepherd terrier mixand the second is a black and tan shepherd.

Previous Story. October 12:

Five farm animals are dead at the Little Rock Zoo after two dogs dug their way in under the perimeter fence and attacked.

Zoo staff says that they discovered two medium-sized dogs in the Children's Farm exhibit during their morning rounds. They believe that one dog was a pit bull and the other a white and brown pit bull-terrier mix.

The dogs escaped back underneath the fence when the staff approached them.

Four goats and one sheep were killed, and several other animals were injured. The injured animals are currently under the care of the Zoo Veterinarian, Dr. Kim Rainwater.

Zoo staff regularly inspects the entire perimeter fence for breaches and re-inspected the fence again this morning to prevent the dogs or any other animal from entering the Zoo perimeter.