"Dollar-on-a-Dollar" a Bad Deal

PINE BLUFF (KATV) -$3,500.00 for a used car seemed like a good deal to one Pine Bluff woman.She says she has paid $4,000.00...and the seller wants more. When Latonya Coleman-West tried to explain she was being charged a "dollar-on-a-dollar" for the amount left unpaid on her car, I didn't understand what she meant. But now...I'm pretty sure it means she is being ripped off.Coleman-West says the car had almost everything her daughter was looking for: it was black. it was an Impala, it had a sun roof. And the price was right...$3,500.00. But that was before the "dollar-on-a-dollar" kicked in."Wait. What is a "dollar-on-a-dollar?" I don't understand what that is." "I dunno," answers Coleman-West. "What he told us..." "You owed $1,500.00 and a month later it was doubled?" "yeah," agrees Coleman-West. "We paid the $2,000.00 down and had $1,500.00 left. And he said when you bring the $1,500.00 back it will be "a-dollar-on-a-dollar" so that will be $3,000.00."We visited First Choice Auto Sales at 5711 Dollarway Road in Jefferson county to try and get an explanation on how this "dollar-on-a-dollar" stuff works from owner Clyde Powell. No one was there...and Powell currently has only two cars for sale on his lot. Coleman-West did pay the $1,500.00 she owed plus an extra $500.00. Our math is not the same as Powell's math, but the way we figure she has paid $4,000.00 for a car that cost $3,500.00...and Powell wants more."I noticed you still have dealer tags on it. Why is that?" "Ah...because he hasn't gave us the title or whatever," says Coleman-West. "And when I asked him for it he was like...well you can give me $300.00 to get the dealership tags. And I didn't think that was right."We have only been able to reach Clyde Powell one time to discuss the situation. Other messages have not been returned. He said he would handle things. That was over a week ago. He has not. Air date: July 7th, 2014