Donations still needed for tornado relief in Faulkner Co.

Donations began pouring in during the days after the deadly tornado ripped through Central Arkansas in April, but some things are still needed nearly three months later. The devastated communities are still in need of specific donations, and most of them are all being collected at the Faulkner County Disaster Relief warehouse. "As people are getting settled into new homes, the first thing they want to do is get it set up," said Pam McBroome, operator for the warehouse. McBroome says three days after the tornado, she got call from the county judge asking her if they could use her 288,000 square foot warehouse as a headquarters for donations coming in for devastated families. Since April 30, donations have been emptied and distributed three times from the warehouse thanks to the estimated 7,500 volunteer hours. Now almost three months later, the needs for those devastated areas are different. "One of the first places for (the recovery) focal point is their kitchen. They've got to be able to feed their families, function as a home," said McBroome. McBroome is looking for kitchen supplies, pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, brooms, coffee pots, and non-breakable dishes, among other things. Furniture is also on that list - like gently-used beds, dressers, and couches. Since most of the debris has been cleaned up in the area, there are some things the warehouse doesn't need, like water or work supplies. Those items are still being used by volunteers who registered with the Arkansas Dream Center. Pallets of water and cleanup materials are given away when volunteers come in. "Even though a lot of things are cleaned up, it's really not. There is still a lot of work to be done. A lot of work orders to be filled," said McBroome. If you're looking to pick up or drop off donations, or even volunteer, McBroome says to call the Faulkner County Disaster Relief warehouse during normal business hours. "It breaks my heart everyday that I drive through that community, and I don't think we'll get ever get passed that," said McBroome. If you're looking to donate or volunteer you can call 501-366-3936, or go to for a full list of needed donation items.