Don't Get Hooked: Apartments

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Last year... the Better Business Bureau received 9,000 complaints about apartment complexes nationwide. This year the number already tops 5,000. It's one of the top ten most complained about businesses. There are definitely some things you can do prior to renting an apartment and prior to leaving an apartment to help make sure that you...don't get hooked.Breaking up is hard to do...made even harder when it's hard to get all the security deposit money a renter feels entitled to. Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau says when it comes to apartment complaints, security deposit refunds tops the list."Photograph and document the apartment," advises Rohrer. "A lot of people take down notes and they say...well there is a paint chip here paint chip there but if you can take pictures of it...and these days with smart phones it is real easy to get some pictures...even a video of what it looks like."There are 14 apartment complexes in Little Rock and North Little Rock that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. All of them have an "A" rating with the BBB.Most apartments have not been reviewed and rated by the BBB. Some...for example Crestwood Manor...currently have an "F" rating. In addition to doing research online before renting, the BBB says you can keep from getting hooked by touring the complex before renting and asking lots of questions of both management and tenants.Ask for and keep a copy of whatever lease you sign...and make sure you read it first. "We always talk about on Seven-On-Your-Side...if you're signing your contract," says Rohrer.One last piece of advice from the BBB...strongly consider renter's insurance. Bad things can happen even at the best apartment complexes, and insurance will help should something unexpected occur. Air date: August 14th, 2014