Don't Get Hooked: Lawn Service


If you haven't heard it in your neighborhood you will soon: lawn mower engines roaring back to life.

But it's more fun to cut grass when you have good grass, and to get a nice lawn sometimes requires some help from the professionals.

If your lawn isn't going to win any awards, chances are it will win you some solicitations from lawn service companies.

Before you decide to go with a pro, the Arkansas Better Business Bureau has some tips to make sure you don't get hooked.

Most people can rake leaves and spread mulch.

Not everyone can grow or develop a healthy lawn.

That's why there are many lawn services that would like the chance to make your neighbors green with envy.

"If your lawn is a little long or a little shaggy they may stop in," says Michael Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. "So there are visits that way too. But initially the main contact is usually by a mail out."

The BBB advises that you know what you want and ask plenty of questions before signing with any company.

Make sure you understand exactly what you're getting for the price you're paying.

Get several estimates, read your contract carefully and check references and credentials.

"In other words if they are a landscape company and they install sprinklers they are going to need somebody from that company to have a master plumbers license if they hook up the water system," says Rohrer. "You have to be licensed to do that. If they are advertising treating your lawn year round they are going to need to be licensed by the plant board."

Last year there were more than 3,500 complaints filed nationwide against lawn care companies.

Rohrer says with proper research and careful selecting you can help ensure you don't add to this year's number of complaints.

Air date: April 2nd, 2014