Don't Get Hooked: Pharmacy Discount Cards

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Each month we turn to the Arkansas Better Business Bureau for advice to help keep you safe from offers that sound too good to be true. Tonight we have a look at one such offer: a pharmacy discount card. Can the average family save up to $300.00 a year on prescription drug costs just by using a free savings card that came in the mail? To help make sure you "Don't get hooked", the BBB is looking into that question. Both the Arkansas Better Business Bureau and Seven-On-Your-Side have been getting a lot of questions about prescription savings cards that many of you have received in the mail. "The Better Business Bureau in Ohio had done an investigative piece looking at some of these savings claims," says Michael Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. "And there are savings. But they didn't find any that were that big of a savings." The BBB has determined that the cards are not a scam, but they are misleading. Marketed under a number of names like the American Prescription Savings Alliance, Healthcare Alliance, U.S. Prescription Discounts and Script Relief, LLC. They all promise the same thing: no cost savings of up to 75 percent on your prescription drugs. "The hook is save up to 75%," explains Rohrer. "And it is drawing people in and they're wanting to use these cards. But, ah, I would say that the savings that they're realizing is not as much as they think. In some cases it was, you know, 11 cents." We also visited with Scott Pace with the Arkansas Pharmacists Association. Pace says not only will you not save much by using these cards, there is a good chance you'll end up paying more. He says the folks behind the cards are not offering them out of benevolence. There is a revenue stream somewhere. Air date: June 11th, 2014