Don't Get Hooked: Secure Your ID Day

Tax forms. Check carbons. Credit card statements. Bank statements.

If any of these documents fell into the wrong hands it could cause you great financial harm.

A chance to get your sensitive paperwork shredded for free is coming up.

"Secure Your ID Day" has been growingfrom one location to several, and from once a year to twice a year.

The next day is still a month away, but the Arkansas Better Business Bureau wants to give you plenty of time to get your documents ready.

Get them shredded so they don't fall into the wrong hands and so youdon't get hooked.

It's an opportunity brought to you by the BBB and all of the BBB's accredited members.

"It's a great way to dispose of those documents that you're worried about safely destroyed," says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. "And recycled. That's another thing. All of this is recycled."

Rohrer says the first "Secure Your ID Day" saw about a ton of documents shredded.

This past April the event, now in its 10th year, topped 40 tons.

The popularity of the event now necessitates two weekends and six citiesthe first being Saturday, October 13th in Little Rock, Conway, Cabot and Quitman.

The second being Saturday, October 20th in Jonesboro and Hot Springs Village.

"Old records," suggests Rohrer. "Old anything that has personal identifiers on it. Envelopes. Tax records. Applications that you get in the mail where they want you to fill something out for a credit card or something like that. Anything that has that personal identifying information on it. Social security numberanything. Thatput it in a boxbring it to our locations and we'll shred that for you for free."

The times at all locations and on all days will be 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Visit for exact locations.

Air date: Sept. 12th, 2012