Don't Get Hooked: Two Years Later

Two years ago the Arkansas Better Business Bureau entered into a partnership with KATV that is designed to help protect you, our viewers, from scams.

We do dozens of stories every year warning you of scams and scam artists.

But you don't have to wait for our can visit a web site with scam information any time, any day.

Two years ago, the BBB added a feature to its web site called scam source.

Here in Arkansas the BBB partners with Seven-On-Your-Side to help educate Arkansans about the latest scams...oftentimes before they hit.

"Some of the events we have had through Seven-On-Your-Side with Scam Stopper...we have been proactive in stopping several of them," says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB. "Pronto Medical being one that we did right about when we started Scam Stopper."

The latest scam alerts listed on the site include "change my address" services that target new residents, phony furnishing your home of a budget offers and a new phishing scam that uses Facebook.

"From that scam stopper site you can sign up for emails if you want to get the latest on scams or you can go out there and visit the site and see what the latest scams are," says Rohrer.

The site also features information on the top scams like ones that involve alleged over payments, fake emergencies, bogus employment offers and sweepstakes and lottery scams.

"It's been very successful for us," says Rohrer. "We've been able to give out a lot more information on the scams that have started propagating throughout the state."

Close to half-a-million Americans have signed up to receive scam alert emails issued by the BBB.

You can visit to sign up or learn more.

Air date: August 7th, 2013