Double Homicide in Little Rock

Only a few weeks ago, people were helping 41-year-old Dave Murphy and 29-year-old Charity Hall move into their house. Neighbors had not gotten the chance to know more than their names when Friday morning sirens woke them up as firefighters worked to put out flames. "The fire department arrived and were able to extinguish the fire, and upon search of the residence, they did find two occupants in the structure, obviously deceased," said Lt. Sidney Allen.The damage to the house was minimal. Police are calling it a double homicide. Though Murphy had only just moved in, he wasn't a stranger the area. In fact, he grew up only a few blocks away from the house. Richie Alexander lives across the street from Murphy's grandmother and has known him for 20 years."He used to help everybody. Somebody needs help, he would help them. So, he was a good guy. He wasn't no bad person. He was a good guy," said Alexander.Alexander says crime isn't unusual around here, and the real tragedy is the loss of a good man."Everybody knows this area is a pretty tough neighborhood, but there's been a few of those type of killings going on, drug related whatever it be. Sometimes just robbing, but that's in the neighborhood. That is the hood. That's just what's going on until it stops. It's going to continue to go on too, but it's sad to see so many people, good men and good women, dying because of these types of situations," said Alexander.Police have not yet identified a suspect and are not releasing a cause of death.