Dozens displaced after Acme Motel officially closes its doors

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Dozens of people now have to look for a new place to live, after the Acme Motel was shut down by the Little Rock Fire Department.

During a building code inspection on July 31st, fire officials said they found everything from plumbing issues to bug infestations. Tenants had to be out by 5 pm on Friday, many left earlier this week, although about a handful were still packing up earlier today.

"Terrible, a whole lot of stuff is going on out here, it ain't the people it's the building, I mean the bed bugs it was bad, mold and everything," said Priscilla Pye, now a former Acme Motel resident.

Throwing their arms up in frustration, around 25 people have been displaced, after the Little Rock Fire Department shut the Acme Motel down on Friday.

"Evidence of raw sewage, plumbing issues, electrical issues, non-working some alarms, some rooms didn't have smoke alarms, sagging roof lines, things we find we just couldn't continue to leave that facility open," said Little Rock Fire Chief, Gregory Summers.

Summers added, that the last time conditions were this bad was when a judge shut down the Heritage House Inn in 2012. While they re-opened that same year, to get the Acme Motel back up and running will take some work.

"However long it takes for them, the ball is in their court now, once they get everything done and we're going to walk them through the process, they got to get another permit to start the reconstruction process," added Summers.

"It's crazy, because some of us don't even have jobs or some of us you know, it's just hardreal hard because this was like the cheapest hotel," said Pye.

The Little Rock Fire Department inspects commercial buildings twice a year. While a small fix like changing the smoke detectors will not shut the building down, they said in this case, there were just too many violations.