Dozens of crime reports at Albert Pike Residence Hotel makes some feel unsafe

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--45 police reports have been filed within the last two months. After a recent Little Rock Police report involving a tenant at the Albert Pike Residence Hotel, Channel 7 decided to look into just how much crime is being reported at this hotel. These reports are ranging from assaults, battery and theft to even terroristic threats. The Albert Pike Residence Hotel is a historic building built in 1929.{}Within the last year, announcements were made that a nearly $6 million renovation was set to take place.{}However, according to one resident another makeover needs to happen, new management. "They don't care about us because if they did, they'd keep us safe, you want to hear the truth, they don't care," said resident Catina Ervins. Ervin has lived at Albert Pike since January.{}According to Little Rock Police reports, 45 have been filed in 60 days.Crimes include theft, assault, battery, burglary, disturbances, public intoxication, and criminal trespassing. Some residents blame the homeless population in the area, but either way Ervin just wants to feel safe at home. "I'd like for the crime to stop here, so we can have a safe place to live on a fixed income because there are a lot of places we can be, but we can't be because we are in a lease agreement here," said Ervin. Albert Pike has a contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development better known as HUD. The hotel owners have a Housing Assistance Payment contract with HUD, to provide housing to low-income persons at Albert Pike. BSR Trust Representative, Josh Mandell, said they're in their final stages of a comprehensive redevelopment of the property and turnaround of the community environment at Albert Pike.{}BSR Trust manages and recently invested in the Albert Pike Residence Hotel.