Dozens of dogs die in Greenbrier mobile home fire

The home caught fire around noon Friday. Police say there were over one hundreds dogs living there before the tragedy.

There were dogs of all kinds at the small mobile home still being carried out by the handful hours after the fire was put off. Neighbors tell say they had no idea so many dogs were living right next door.

"I've helped with several rescues and things like that and I've never seen a situation like this," said Kristen Perrin, an animal rescue volunteer.

Perrin says her experience in animal rescue could not have prepared her for what she saw today.

"I spoke with the Deputy Mitchell and he said there were about 90 dogs, 40 had passed away from a fire and so we came out here to this chaos," said Perrin.

With dozens of animals being carried out while others stayed behind in the burned home, it was a difficult sight even for officials.

"Forty-one animals in a burned out trailer is not something you see everyday and I understand to some people they're animals but I like animals," said Sgt. David Hall, of the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office.

Officials still have not been able to determine why the owners, an elderly couple, would keep so many animals. But people made their guesses.

"I believe it's just a hoarding situation that's gone completely out of control," said Perrin.

Perrin says animals have gone missing over the past couple of years. Worried owners have been calling nonstop about their lost dogs hoping to get some good news.

"I've probably had probably about a hundred phone calls come in the last hour about people looking for their dogs because we put it on the Arkansas Lost and Found Network and I've had call after call after call," said Perrin..

But with dozens of dogs dead Perrin can not help but wonder why no one spoke up

"How can you be living in this area and not say anything about it. That's what I still don't understand," said Perrin.

Police are still investigating, but they believe it may have been caused by a wood burning stove. The dogs were not malnourished or abused as far as they know. So police are still working on determining what charges to file, if any.

The dogs that did survive that fire will either be reunited with their owners or given up for adoption.