Dr. Lynette Bryant Enters Race for Governor

Dr. Lynette Bryant shocked many around the state by filing as a Democrat in the race for governor.

Bryant told KATV that she decided to enter the race because she "could not vote for Mike Ross" and saw no other viable alternatives to that candidate.

Bryant supports Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor and attributes his current close race with Republican Rep. Tom Cotton to Ross's decision to vacate the seat in the 4th Congressional District. Cotton won that seat in 2012.

"I would have respected him more had he stayed in that office got to this point and said, 'Now, I want to be your governor.' Then I would say, 'You know what, you've got my vote.' But, when he left, he left the door open for anyone to get in. He no longer wanted to do it," said Bryant.

Bryant said she did not feel 'guilty' about not informing the Democratic Party prior to filing as a candidate. She said she believed she would not have had the party's support.{}

"It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys. They're always fighting, and I don't care if you say it the Democrats that are the Hatfields or McCoys or the Republicans, but nothing gets done. We're the people in the middle, and we're the people getting squashed on and not getting the job done for us. I have finally said, I've had enough," said Bryant.

Bryant, who holds multiple degrees including an M.D., has spent the last several years working as a substitute teacher. She said her passion for public service was more important than a lucrative career. Her gubernatorial platform includes an emphasis on quality education which she believes will bring more jobs to Arkansas.{}