Father of Saline Co. teen killed in accident struggles every day

After six months, there are new developments in the accident that claimed Benton teenager Drew Melton's life.
Channel 7 has learned charges have been filed in the case.
The Saline County Juvenile Court Judge, Bobby McCalister, said he recused himself from the case. Judge Grisham Phillips confirmed he agreed to take over the case.
Drew Melton was killed November 21, 2012, the day before Thanksgiving.
Four other students in the car survived.
Because it is a juvenile case, Channel 7 is not identifying other parties involved.
"I have a routine I do every day," explained Ted Melton, Drew's father. "I get up, I look at her picture, I get my cry on, head for the hot shower, lasts about 12 minutes, and most of the time I can make it through the day. Most of the time."
Every day, Ted Melton fights a battle with his thoughts, desperately holding on to memories of his daughter Drew.
"That downtime's killer. Nightimes are long. Yeah, it's a drag," Melton said, with a forced casualness. "You just can't describe the hole it puts in your life. And the collateral damage it's done to so many other families, the kids involved, I mean, my extended family, the school, the team, the community."
Ted has two other beautiful daughters. One, in college and one, in high school.While they move forward, in a sense, the part of his life revolving around Drew is stuck, like a skipping record.
"You're just like Mick Jagger said, you're shattered, man, you're tattered, you're in pieces," Melton said. "You accept a few things, you accept that you have to go on and you accept that you'll never be whole again."
Drew was a daughter, a senior at Benton High School, and an All-Star softball player who planned to attend the University of Arkansas.
Channel 7 has obtained the police report.
"It didn't land very good, I tell you what," Melton said. "It was terrible."
Emergency crews responded to the initial call for an "explosion" in the Springhill Road area, according to the police report.
"It hit one tree and got a little sideways and split in half and kinda went everywhere," Melton described. Drew was air lifted to the hospital where Ted and other family and friends were told she was gone.
"And it's just the most unbelievable thing in your life, Erin, because it's like, I'm walking out of the hospital and I'm going well, what do you do
now? I mean you just leave a child? I saw her five minutes ago," Melton said. "You just leave a child on a slab and I mean, what do you do? You just walk away?"
Ted and Drew's family and friends aren't walking away. They're giving back.
With blood drives, tournaments and scholarships in Drew's name.
But Ted and the other families are taking steps to move forward.
He says, it's a reminder to everyone to cherish every moment. Even the silly ones.
"I miss it in the morning in the bathroom, her and her sister getting ready for school, just singing at the top of their lungs. Those are just the small things that if you don't stop really and hear that and smell those roses," Melton said. "I mean really, you're letting it pass you by. Cause it takes three seconds."