Driver Apologizes, is Sentenced

A driver's license is something all teenagers want.

Too bad they don't come with a good judgment guarantee. Because when young drivers and poor decisions mix it can end or change lives.

A case in point was before a judge today.

Omar Ayyeh avoided jail time but will pay a $2,500.00 fine for hitting a class mate with his vehicle.

The family of the injured teen says it is a small price to pay for altering a future.

On December 14th, the 19 year-old Ayyeh backed up his SUV on the parking lot of Hall High school.

Ayyeh stoppedsat motionless for a few secondsand then accelerated towards a group of students.

Only one student, Davonte Hokes, was hit.

The 6'3" 300 pound Hokesa promising lineman getting interest from college coachessurvived the impact but a major knee injury ended any hope of athletic scholarships to help pay for college.

Ayyeh was ultimately charged with 3rd Degree Battery and pleaded guilty, telling the court and Davonte's family that he was careless, he wasn't paying attention, and that he was sorry.

"It was an apology," said Fred Hokes, Davonte's father after the sentencing hearing. "I can't judge that because we're all Christians. I can't say if he meant it or not. But I didn't feel 100 percent that he was sincerely done. Because the question as to why he did it was never answered."

"Just carelessness," explained Lott Rolfe, Ayyeh's attorney. "I know that they want it to be more. But it was just simply carelessness. He wanted the family to know that this was in no way intentional. It was an accident that occurred on school grounds and that he was simply careless on the school parking lot. But I believe that he did learn from this incident and I think he'll grow from this."

Davonte and his family have already incurred $10,000 in medical bills.

That is the main reason they are now suing Ayyeh in civil court.

Air date: Sept. 13th, 2012