UPDATE: Hit-and-run victim remains under intensive care

A quiet Sunday morning in Little Rock's Hillcrest area, turned startling with a 911 call of a hit-and-run.

A family member tells us the victim, a 61-year-old woman, is in the intensive care unit after being hit by a car Sunday morning.

Plenty of witnesses in that area said they watched a white Ford truck hit the lady as she crossed the street, then kept going over her as it drove away.

"I'm pretty sure she was pretty out of it," said witness Greg Miller. "She was laying on the ground, I don't think she was unconscious, but I don't think she was moving."

"I saw a man in a white Ford hit a woman, and then take off like he didn't hit anybody," added witness Payne Colton.

Colton was one of several people outside at the time that saw the whole thing happen. He quickly ran to the victim's side as she lay there.

"To get his license plate, to get a car, to get a description," Colton added. "I called 911, then after I hung up with them I comforted her as much as I could."

Hillcrest is an area very popular for walking, running or riding a bike -- but now this region is shaken up after such a malicious crime.

"Yea people, I think people should slow down a little bit in Hillcrest," Miller said.

The victim suffered 10 broken ribs and a collapsed lung, fortunately she is however in stable condition.

We are not releasing the victim's name at her family's request.One of the witnesses was able to jot down a license plate number, but police found no match. Now they're going to check if maybe the numbers and letters match a different style of license plate to try and find the person responsible.