Duck Dynasty Helps Spark of Life

SEARCY (KATV) - An Arkansas-based non-profit is getting a big boost from two big stars.

The dynamic Duck Dynasty duo of Willie and Korie Robertson are coming to Little Rock.

Moving on after an intense loss is difficult. One woman is thankful for unknown donors who helped her heal.

Kim Mote loves teaching first graders at Harding Academy in Searcy.

But three years ago the love for her job...and for life...was stolen by the death of her younger sister.

"She lost her battle at 40," shares Mote. "And even that last week she was still battling, thinking I'm going to beat this. Because she had children and she just wanted to be there for them."

Six months after Laurie's death, Kim and her brother-in-law and his kids were still waking and walking in a fog of grief.

So they attended a Spark of Life retreat in Texas.

"And when I walked away I just felt renewed, I felt strengthened, I felt pampered, I felt loved," recalls Mote. "And not only that I had some tools in my hands that would help me to be able to get up in the morning."

The non-profit "Spark-of-Life" has attracted the attention of Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson.

They will be in Little Rock Saturday night to explain why.

"I'm hoping that people will come out to see them but they will also get a glimpse of what a great program that this is and that they'll want to support it," says Mote. "So I am so excited that they are coming."

These retreats are free to attend, but not to put on. That is why this fundraiser is being held.

Tickets are on sale at

One generous person has provided 25 free tickets for Channel Seven Viewers.

If you are interested, the event is Saturday evening in Little Rock, 7:00 PM at the Jack Stephens Center on the campus of U.A.L.R.

If you want a ticket, send a request to and be sure to mention Seven-On-Your-Side. The first 25 requests will get to hear Willie and Korie Robertson for free!