Dump truck hits car, crashes into buildings in NLR

Terrifying moments this morning inside the Bridal Cottage in North Little Rock... A dump truck careens through the front of the building moments after it opened.

About 10:30, police say the dump truck driven by 65 year old Hugh Daniels, ran a red light at D street and JFK in North Little Rock. A Jeep Cherokee had just turned onto JFK at the moment of impact. Inside were 61 year old Nancy Seiter, and two boys ages three and seven. Innocent bystanders rushed to the scene.

Lamont Williams was one of them. "The two kids in the vehicle, they had scratches, bruises. The lady she was in and out so I stayed with her & was just telling her everything was going to be okay."

The dump truck continued, through the Bridal Cottage and ended up lodged inside a vacant building next door. Two employees were inside the bridal shop. They were able to escape and were not hurt.

Issac Ollison saw the building come crashing down. He ran inside to check for people. "We heard one voice that said I'm in here I'm in here. We didn't know exactly where we were about to go look for her and I said man I'm going in. So I went in and I asked ma'am where are you and she said I'm in here I'm in here and when she came out we could see she was in the back part of the office and everything."

Bridal shop owner, Vikki Farrer was stunned when she drove up to the store. "I was picturing it to be a lot worse from what they were telling me over the phone."

However, future brides and clients, she says need not worry. "The dresses themselves are at the back, as our alteration department is in the back. And that is okay and fine."

Structural engineers were on scene. The building must be deemed safe before anyone will be allowed inside.

NLRPD ticketed Daniels for reckless driving.