Grocery store bringing new life to North Little Rock neighborhood

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A North Little Rock neighborhood is getting ready for a change that'll bring over one hundred jobs to the area.

"Very excited," said Paula Lively, a North Little Rock resident.

Big news came to the Levy neighborhood Thursday. News neighbors are gladly welcoming after what happened here over a decade ago.

"It just devastated that entire area," said Lively.

Wal-mart abruptly left the location opting to open one a few miles away in neighboring Sherwood.

"That neighborhood has a lot of people that walk or take the bus," said Lively. "It really made a big difference in their savings opportunity or the lack of it."

Thursday the city announced it would be turning the abandoned building into an Edward's Food Giant Supermarket that'll cost about $3 million for renovations and is set to open in March. Customers will also get 10 percent off some items.

"Families can save 10 percent on their grocery bills, which is a lot of money these days. People are struggling," said Lively.

The supermarket will also produce 50 full-time and 75 part-time positions.

"We're going to brighten it up and clean it up and really make it a bright start of North Little Rock," said Steve Edwards, owner of Edward's Food Giant Supermarkets.

All things, Lively says her neighborhood desperately needs.

"The price savings that it sounds like we're going to have available to our neighbors is really incredible," she said. "Just could not be happier."

Edward's said the new supermarket will not have a deli, bakery or carryout services.